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using alpha blending mixer in dsp Builder

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I am working on vip project. I am using dsp builder and Quartus II v6.0. 

In the attached figure(dsp builder design model) if i remove alpha blending mixer then design work accuratly. 

In attached figure (SOPC Builder) I have just add Nios II core and on chip memory to configure alpha blending mixer. 

but I want to introduce picture in picture mixing of 2 layers. background image is 640x480 while foreground image in 64x64 resolution.(here i just want to inert zeros in 64x64) 


but in compilation (quartus II)and system generation (sopc builder) is successful. 

I cannot understand why there is no output at the vga display. 


Can anybody help me, who have use alpha blending mixer????????? 


Thank you
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