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who can help me to get a simple CAN IP core simulation working

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i am working on a graduation project to give an advice to a company for a communication solution between some of their products. 

my advice for that product is the CANBUS communication.  

now i need to simulate all communication of the data of the product over the CANBUS as an test to proof that it is possible. 

i work with a FPGA and i have found a CAN IP core to use from a company IFI in germany. 

but i can not get the simulation working to get my results. 



my question is: is there someone who can help me to get a simple simulation working.  

i have the IP core from IFI with a temporarily license and they have send also a testbench to me. 

i can't compile the IP core in Modelsim and combine the testbench. 

the company IFI has send me to this forum to ask for help. 



i am using Quartus II v13.0 and to simulate it with ModelSim-Altera 10.1d (Quartus II 13.0) 

i use the language: VHDL  




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