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125 MHz clock enable in Arria V

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I'm working with an Arria V GT Development kit and I cannot see where the clocks are. I only find the USB, the enet and a 50MHz clock, but there are more oscillators in the board and I don't know how to activate them. 


I checked the DIP Switch at the bottom of the board and it's on. I also checked the other input clock signals and no other clock signals appeared. According to the manual, it's the MAX II that enables the 125 MHz clock, but I have another problem with this because I had to upgrade to quartus 13.0 because quartus 12 doesn't support the Opencores plus (as far as I can remember), so now I cannot check the clocks with the clock control because the quartus version is higher than the development kit. 


Does any of you have an idea of how to enable those oscillators? The only two ideas that I have are either reinstalling again quartus 12 or programming somehow the MAX (I'm not so experienced in this), but I'm not even sure that I can get anything out of that. 


Thanks in advance
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I installed Quartus 12 again and managed to start the Clock Control App and I realised that the oscillators were working. Then I checked the pin planner and realised that the only clocks I had at that moment were the ones with 1.8-V. I didn't know that I had to set the I/O Standard to LVDS. After that it works. 


I hope this helps others. 

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And on my way to solve it, I also discovered the ALTINT_OSC function.