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AGXII flash programming @(0xC60000)

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Hi all,  


We have encountered a problem when using AGXII development board. There is an error occur about configuring from flash programming @0xC60000 after programming successful @0xC60000. 


Following are the commands executed for flash programming in the development environment:  


Software: Quartus II 9.1 sp2 

Development platform: ArriaIIGX (dual die version) 


1. ) sof2flash --offset= 0xC60000 --input=aaa.sof --output=aaa.flash --pfl --optionbit=0x18000 --programmingmode=PS  

2-1 ) nios2-flash-programmer --base=0x08000000 aaa.flash 

2-2 ) nios2-flash-programmer --base=0x0A000000 aaa.flash (another try referred to user guide Feb. 2011) 


After flash programming completed, the system is rebooted.During the restart, the system failed with a reading error from flash memory 0xC60000. (Error LED D16 turn on). 


Could anyone help to enlightened me how to get rid of the problem? 

Is the flash programming procedures above correct? 

Have I missed out anything? 

Thanks in advance. 


P.S. It works properly to program & configure @flash section 1 (0x640000)
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