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ARM DS-5 Intel SoC FPGA Edition for company's only?


I have the DE1-SoC Board I bought from Terasic. I have the Intel FPGA Monitor program, and also just the standard version of the SoC Edition software that you have to establish a GDB session in order to debug the hard processor cores on the Cyclone V chip. It's not very effective, can't debug any code or processors, it crashes, it's slow. So I purchased the full license, and Intel told Digikey that they do not sell to private entities, you must be associated with a company and have your own company email address. What good is this going to do me being a university student learning how to use FPGA ? Anyone else having this issue? Or can an intern being involved with a company also apply for a full license?

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Talk to a real distributor, like Arrow, instead of Digikey. You may even be eligible for a reduced price as a student. You can find the distributors for your country here: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/partner/where-to-buy/overview.html