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Access SRAM in Cyclone III Starter Kit

Is there a simple wrapper around the SRAM on the Cyclone III Starter Kit available so I don't need to write code for a controller?

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I've been playing with the SRAM, and can load it from the control panel/and read it back. Fortunately the contents (all except address 0) seem to survive a reprogram. I loaded it entirely with 0x5a. 


I've tried reading out the value, and the value that I get out is 0xda5affff, so it seems both bit 31 and the low order sixteen bits are getting corrupted. Right now I am most concerned with trying to figure out the low-order bits. I am assuming that since the bus is shared with flash and flash is 16 bits of data, that the flash must be putting bad data on those bits. I've tried setting the FLASH_CE_N to 1 and FLASH_OE_N pins to one, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. 


Any hints?