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All FPGA pins are driven low


When I apply voltage to the board with cyclone 4, all pins, including config_done, nstatus, and so on, are outputing zero. I have already encountered this problem a couple of times, but it was solved when I pressed on some part of the board. Most likely it is a bad via between the two sides. I want to find this spot and manually wire the tracks to end this problem. I want to know which pin is causing this problem.

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Not sure if you are still looking for the support.

You may want to check the soldering of the pins. It is difficult to say about which pin causing issue with the description provided.

This thread will be transitioned to community support. If you have a new question, feel free to open a new thread to get the support from Intel experts. Otherwise, the community users will continue to help you on this thread. Thank you

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