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Any similar Kit to DE1-SoC that can scale to 4.5 million logic units and run 100 MHz?

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I wanted to use DE1-SoC to iron out the learning curve. 

Then when ready for the a bigger design, buy a high  

density version without much change to my SW setup. 


Please advice 


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DE2-115 can give you more than 2 million gates running more than 200Mhz. DE5 can provide you 14.3M ASIC gates or up to 1.19M logic elements (running 600-800Mhz).  


Cornell University has been using DE2/DE2-115/DE1-SOC for 9 years in course teaching and collected all their students projects to share in their webpage. 




More than hundreds of complex projects with million gate logic were implemented using DE boards; all the source code with complete reports were also shared on the web. I learned many useful design skill from their website and even built my company products using the code. 


Hope this can help!