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Arria 10 Dev Kit -- PCIe enumeration

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Does an image exist for the Arria 10 GX FPGA Development Kit that is capable of enumerating over pcie when installed in a PC : 


1.) arria10GX_10ax115sf45_fpga_v15.1.2\examples\transceiver\PRD\qts_pcie\qts_pcie\qts_pcie.sof  


2.) arria10GX_10ax115sf45_fpga_v15.1.2\examples\board_test_system\image\PRD\bts_pcie.sof  


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The third link listed at the top of page 12 in the document below is a gen3x4 endpoint design for the Arria 10 GX dev kit. Follow the instructions in the document for how/when to download the .sof file to the GX card while the PC is booting. To make use of the DMA logic in the design you'll need to install the Windows driver and GUI application on the PC, but you should not need any of that just to enumerate.