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Arria 10 Dev Kit - Possibly corrupted board during factory reset - how to correct

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I started work on an Arria 10 Dev Kit today (p/n 10AX115S). I was following directions in the user guide and decided it would be good to start with a factory reset (this board was used previously in my organization by a former engineer).  


I originally started the BoardTestSystem.exe GUI and followed the process to do a factory restore. In the middle of the restore, it ocurred to me that I might not have set the MSEL switches correct (there seemed to be some confusion in the users guide on how to set them: 100 or 011...). Anyway, as it was restoring, I hit 'cancel' to get out of it and start over. At that point, the fan started to spin at a *much* higher rate. And, then when I went back to restart BoardTestSystem.exe, I get an error dialog that says: 


"Failed to register GUI application! 

Please make sure... " 


I fear that I have corrupted, I guess, the Flash memory. Is there a way that I can recover from this?
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