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Arria 10 SoC DevKit - IP for building GSRD hardware design

I'm trying to follow the getting started steps for building the GSRD hardware design on an Arria 10 SoC Devkit. 



I'm getting errors that I don't have valid licenses for the DisplayPort and one other Video-related IP. I do have the "Quartus Pro Edition for Development Kits" license that came with the DevKit. In order to even follow the "Getting Started" steps, specifically compiling the GSRD hardware design, do I need to purchase an additional license? 

(Note that I mean for compiling the hardware design while *not* on the Intel corporate network. I'm trying to understand the license requirements for successfully following the "Getting Started" steps for a general user/purchaser.) I noticed that even the "Begin 30-day grace period" is grayed-out on the license setup page in Quartus. 


If I don't need an additional license, any thoughts as to why I'm getting this error for the GSRD design?
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