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Arria 10 : Uboot error


I am building Linux OS for our custom board which took reference from Arria 10 .

I have designed the uboot_mkpimage.bin file and uploaded it in SD Card by taking reference from below links but I am unable to boot the system


In our custom I did the following changes:

1. Replaced DDR4 memory with DDR3 memory at HPS side.

2. Selected UART1 as debug port and connected both UART0 and UART1 interface to HPS.

3. Connected SDMMC for booting at HPS Dedicated Bank.


For the above changes ,I modified ghrd_10AS066N3F40.qsys design which was downloaded from .

In the platform designer tool I removed subsystem.qsys file ,which was causing IP license error.This is used for video processing and not required for our project. After applying all the above changes in qsys file , I modified the top.v file and did pin assignment and generated .sof file and handoff folder.

For generating uboot image I am using bsp-editor, but unable to understand the changes which we need to apply in uboot drivers in bsp editor. The attachment contains the bsp-editor image in which modification is required.

For using UART1 as console , we have modified socfpga_arria10.h with following changes-

#define CONFIG_BOOTARGS “console=ttyS1,” __stringify(CONFIG_BAUDRATE)



Please help with the above query. Also, Are there any further modification we need to do in generated files for above hardware changes?




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After generating the new handoff folder, you will need to compile a new preloader and uboot image based on the new handoff folder generated.


I would recommend try to compile and run with the new preloader and uboot image to see if this improve the issue.