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Arria V GT Development Kit Transceiver Toolkit and SMA

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I'm currently running Quartus Prime 16.0 measuring bit error rates (loopback method) using the Transceiver toolkit with PRBS32. With Qsys, I can the use a custom phy to get up to 6.5 Gbps on 8 channels on the HSMC connector. I would like to use a test for the SMA Transceiver for 10G and eventually the bullseye connectors. Would I have to write my own set of blocks with the data checker, generator, reconfig controller, and the Arria V Native PHY IP to run at 10 Gbps in addition to tcl script a new GUI to emulate the Transceiver Toolkit since Qsys doesn't go higher than 6.5 Gbps? If that is the case, I haven't seen an example design utilizing the bullseye connector and SMA xcvr for higher data rates. I haven't looked into procuring the Board Test System yet but I would like to utilize the export data feature when Auto-Sweeping in the toolkit. Just wanted to see if the approach is to write my own blocks and verify with my own custom GUI generated from TCL scripts on System Console. Any guidance is appreciated!

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