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Arria V GX starter kit DK-START-5AGXB3N out of stock even before the PDN was issued


I am an electronic engineer at the Ferrara site of the INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare) in Ferrara, Italy.
At the Institute's Electronics workshop we have exploited the DK-START-5AGXB3N in more than one data acquisition systems designed for the collection and the processing of data from sensors used in the High Energy Physics experiments at which the Institute is contributing. We were very happy with the price/performance balance of this board and have been very sad to find out, last november 2020, that was impossibile to buy more. Later on we received the Product Discontinuation Notice which explained why. We have been since looking for replacements that had the same layout but unfortunately also similar products like the Cyclone V GX FPGA Development Kit have become deprecated by then, leaving us no options but to re-spin the "personality" daughter cards and enclosures that we have developed around the discontinued kit. After months of useless market enquiries I thought that it could have been wise, although naive, to at least ask this community, before starting the re-spinning, whether anyone knows of any residual stock of either the Arria V GX or the Cyclone V GX starter kits at Intel or elsewhere. Thanks for your attention; I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.
Angelo Cotta Ramusino

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Welcome to INTEL forum. You could contact your local distributor to see if their still able to locate any available dev kit board purchase in the market

Please kindly contact your nearest Intel salesperson or distributor. You could refer the contact for our sales and distributor from link below:


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We have not heard from you and I hope that my last note clears up this matter. If you don’t have any further question, I will now transition this thread to community support. If you have a new question, feel free to open a new thread to get the support from Intel experts. Otherwise, the community users will continue to help you on this thread. Thank you.

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