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ArriaGX PCIe Kit, how to start custom implementation

I have an ArriaGX Development Kit and I am struggling to use the PCIe interface into my application. I would need some advices. 

I really would like to start from the easiest application to then add my specific logics. I was trying to understand, for example, the application PCIe_HighPerformanceDesign to then adapt it to my application but, at this stage, it is too complicated for what I want to do. 

By now I would like only to access some registers into the FPGA by means of the PCIe core. 

i can use the Wizard to create an Avalon-ST PCIe core for example, but then I don't know what I should do in the following... Would anyone have an advice on how to start?
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I recommend the use of PCIe Core with Avalon-MM Interface as easiest and initial way to receive and transmit data using pci express interface.  

Take a look at Application Note 532: An SOPC Builder PCI Express Design with GUI Interface (
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Thanks for your answer rodwill, 


Well, if I use the MegaWizard Plug-in Manager at the end I have both interfaces Avalon-ST and Avalon-MM. Then, if I am not wrong, I can construct my application over the Avalon-MM interface. 


For the Avalon-MM I see many input/output ports and I should create a logic to control these ports. Let's say I want to make a test to read a register from the PC. What are the ports that are important to me? I could use only the CRA Slave Port by now? 



Some one could clarify those points to me. Thanks!