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Assistance with code for C5G Dev kit: Converting code

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Hello all, 


First off, I'm very new when it comes to working with FPGAs. I've looked through the tutorial and have a basic idea what I'm doing at least. 


I've very recently purchased the C5G dev kit and the SFP-HSMC provided by Terasic as my team and I are building an optical comm system to help test our system here in my optics lab - we figured an FPGA would be a fairly cheap and powerful solution to what we need. I was looking around and found an example code for the cyclone 5 here on the wiki: 




This code basically does everything we had hoped this system could do; however, the code was written for the chip: 5CGXFC7D6F31C7ES. The chip on the C5G (5CGXFC5C6F27C7N) does not appear to be immediately compatible with this code. 


My question for you all, can I simply reassign the pin planning for this code to work with the C5G, or is there some other steps I need to do to convert the code over? Again, I'm a beginner when it comes to FPGAs and would really appreciate some assistance in working with these devices a bit.
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Without looking at the project, since it targets Cyclone V, all you would have to do is adjust the pin assignments.

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