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BITEC HSMC Quad Video Card TV Out (S-Video)

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Hi Guys, 


I have been doing bit of experiment with BITEC Quad Video Card. I am successful in getting TV out in RGB Format using Altera ip Test Pattern Generator as my source and Clock to Video Out(Both IP's in RTL) to interface with Chrontel CH7010B chipset. 


I want to try this example for 4:2:2 YCbCr format input (From Test Pattern Generator) given to Clock to Video Out. I tried this and i am getting the test pattern but with a pinkish layer over it. Could anyone give me some inputs on what all registers needs to be configured on Chrontel chipset to enable S-video output; 4:2:2 YCbCr format. 




Prabul Kanth
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Hello Prabul 


Did you have any success with it? I am also trying to use the BITEC Quad Video Card with YCbCr but my system will not output anything in this mode. Could you tell me the configuration you are using? For both Chrontel and Altera VIP registers if possible 


Thank you 


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