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BeMicro CV VCCIO Critical Error in Documentation

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To the best of my googling skills, this has not yet been posted: 


There is a critical error in the BeMicro CV documents (Hardware Reference Guides - there seem to be several versions out there without obvious version information) concerning the setting of VCCIO. The documents correctly state that placing the jumper between pins 1 and 2 of J11 selects VCCIO to be 3.3 V and placing it between 1 and 3 selects 2.5 V. From the schematics this is also more than obvious. So this part is correct. 


However, the picture that accompanies this information has the connector J11 pins incorrectly labeled. Specifically, the pins 2 and 3 have swapped place so the VCCIO selection is reversed from the intended one. Also, in the picture the pin labels do not follow the standard numbering scheme even for a rotated connector. In reality the connector is not rotated and the pin numbers are as expected, so the error is only in the picture. 


Having used dozens of BeMicro CVs with both VCCIO voltages before noticing this on the oscilloscope, I can only conclude that most systems seem to be impressively immune to incorrect voltage levels...
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Very bad documentation review