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--BeMicroSDK EPCS16 Nios II Flash Programmer

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Recently I got a BeMicroSDK and tried to erase the EPCS16 using the Shell Script provided in the training material. It is working Fine.  

I have tried to restore the Factory Image using the Shell Script file. It is also working fine. 


I have made a small Nios II Project and attempted to Program the EPCS16 using Quartus II Ver 9.1 sp2. I have Added both SOF and ELF file from the Flash Programmer GUI. The SOF file is getting programmed in to the EPCS16 but my Application is not programmed in to the EPCS. The GUI is not returning any Error. 


I have attempted the same exercise is Quartus II Ver.11.0. I have tried both SOPC as well as Qsys to generate the system. The Flash Programmer GUI in Quartus II Ver 11.0 always throws the Error Code 3 or Error Code 8. 


I am not able to find the Error Code 3 or 8 in the Nios II Flash Programmer User Guide.
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how your EPCS is connect to a PC (usb blaster, byte blaster...) ??

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BeMicro SDK itself having on board USB Blaster.