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BeMicroSDK HW_Lab errors Quartus 11.1sp1

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I am a beginner and tried to compile the BeMicroSDK HW_Lab example with Quartus 11.1sp1. Following errors: 

Error (12006): Node instance "led_pwm" instantiates undefined entity "simple_pwm" 

Error (12006): Node instance "remote_update_blk" instantiates undefined entity "altera_avalon_remote_update_cycloneiii" 


Can anybody help?:confused: 


Regards Klaus
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Dear all, 


I have exactly the same problem! After follow the tutorial included in the "BeMicro_SDK_Embedded_System_HW_Lab_v1_1.pdf" file with Quartus II 11.1sp1 I can't compile the project due the errors included in the previous post. 

I thought that I'm doing some mistake while I follow the tutorial, but I do it again with the same result... 


Could somebody help me please? I'm really lost now... 


Thanks in advance!
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Hello, halbert82, 


meanwhile I found the solution myself. Following what to do: 


The simple_pwm is a small ip provided by Bemicro additionally as source. You have to include this ip in the project that it can be found. Best to put it as file into the project. Right click on "files" in the project navigator, search for the simple_pwm.vhd and add it. 


Second is curious. The remot update ip is part of the freely distributed Altera ip but isn't found automatially why ever. I included it into the libraries: tools > options > libraries and add c:\altera\11.1\ip\altera\sopc_builder_ip\altera_avalon_remote_update_cycloneiii\ (or at your location) as project library (lower window section). 


The project will compile!:) 


Good luck! 


Regards Klaus