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BeMicroSDK nio2 example error - No Nios II target connection paths were located

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I'm running into a problem following the tutorial from BeMicroSDK. 


On page 25 of the tutorial (BeMicro_SDK_Embedded_System_SW_Lab_v1_21.pdf), my machine can't locate the BeMicroSDK, even though it is inserted into the PC, and the error message below is displayed: 


"No Nios II target connection paths were located. Check connections and that a Nios II .sof is downloaded." 


From the NiosII 10.1 command shell, it seems the device is there: 


bash-3.1$ jtagconfig --enum 

1) USB-Blaster [USB-0] 

020F30DD EP3C25/EP4CE22 



Any advice will be much appreciated.
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Ok tried on another machine (win 7 pro 64 bit), EDS found the device right away. Perhaps i missed something on the first one which is a win xp :D

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It might be related, the anti virus on the xp machine is causing the EDS hanging, on opening the Run Configuation screen, where i posted my original question of not being able to locate the device. 


In the previous attempt where the device was not found, i have the av turned off (becuase its real time shield was triggered on installing the micium uprobe so for a smooth ride i turned the whole av off). The screen load ok but the device never show up. 


This morning i have the xp rebooted, turned off anti virus and started EDS. The device can be found. 


And then turned on the av, restart EDS, and that screen hang. It hang so bad nothing but a hard reset helped.