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Bemicro kit - embedded lab issues

Honored Contributor II

I am getting down to the end of the embedded lab exercise. 


It looks like there is documentation conflict with what the lab says and what I see on the NIOS Eclipse software. Additionally, I get an error message when I try to run the program. 


Specifically, Page 42 of the bemicro Embedded System Lab says to build the bemicro_led_control_bsp and then the bemicro_Led_control project. 


Page 43 then says to right click the software project directory(bemicro_led_control?), select RUN AS, Then NIOS II Hardware 

(but this option is not presented


Instead, RUN AS gives you these options: 

Local C/C++ program 

Run Configurations 


If you select Local C/C++ program you get the following error: 

Launching bemicro_led_control.elf has encountered a problem 

Error starting process 


Clicking details, you get the following: 



Error starting process. 

Cannot run program "C:\altera\bemicro\bemicro_sopc_builder_lab\software\bemicro_led_control\bemicro_led_control.elf": Launching failed 

Cannot run program "C:\altera\bemicro\bemicro_sopc_builder_lab\software\bemicro_led_control\bemicro_led_control.elf": Launching failed 

Cannot run program "C:\altera\bemicro\bemicro_sopc_builder_lab\software\bemicro_led_control\bemicro_led_control.elf": Launching failed 


If you select Run Configurations, you get these options: 


C/C++ Application - bemicro_led_control.elf 

Launch Group 

Nios II Hardware 

Nios II ModelSim 


If you select Nios II Hardware, then RUN, nothing happens. 


If you double click Nios II Hardware, you get 

Plug-in com.altera.sbtgui.launch was unable to load class com.altera.sbtgui.launch.hardware.us.Nios2HardwareLaunchConfigurationTabGroup 

An error occurred while automatically activating bundle com.altera.sbtgui.launch(249) 


Any help troubleshooting is appreciated.
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Honored Contributor II

Have you gotten past this out yet? What version of Quartus are you running? Is it the BeMicro or BeMicro SDK? If SDK, I'll try to run it if you post the .elf file.

Honored Contributor II

I'm using the latest Quartus web edition 11.0 (downloaded a week or so ago) . I am using BeMicro, not the BeMicro SDK unfortunately. This appears to be a challenging process. Probably I will start from scratch again and see what happens....don't know what else to do.

Honored Contributor II

I am having the same issue. I'm using NEOS II 11.1 SP2 on windows xp 32 bit. I cannot get it to run on the hardware using the bemicro fpga. I have followed the instructions presented exactly. Has this been resolved?

Honored Contributor II

Yes, I did get it working. 

There is hope for you! 


However, it was awhile ago. I think I made some notes on it...I will post an update later. 


But I think all I did is reinstall everything. The first time around everything is so new and you are trying to understand everything and get up and running (fast), it's very easy to miss something. 


Honored Contributor II

Hi, kdf5036 


O.K, I found 2 (cryptic) notes I made back in December which is the last time I fired up the kit.  



# 1 You have to exit Nios II system after a rebuild before you see RUN AS , NIOS 


# 2. I got this message: 

Target Connection]: System timestamp mismatch - connected: "1321331565", expected: "1322117462". 


And then I couldn't run the program until I disabled the Timestamp check in the debug dialog window. 



I'll see if there is anything else.....but now that I see my notes, I do recall that exiting and restarting the Nios II s/w seemed to solve the problem.