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Build de0-nano-soc with web license?

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I have a cyclone V de0-nano-soc from terasic. I have successfully built a standalone (no SOC) vhdl project with and without nios II/e. All of this was done on the web version of quartus 13.1. When I try to replace the nios II/e core with the built in SOC arm core, quartus produces a time_limited.sof which is useless. Is there a way to build the soc on the terasic nano with the web license?

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Why is the time limited version that was built useless ?  

How do you come to this conclusion? 

If you are using the free version of Quartus, one of the consequences is that quartus needs to be connected to your board. 

For the rest the time limited version of your .sof works just like the not time limited version. 

At least that is my experience with the DE2-115 and DE0-CV, but i assume that the Alera strategy will not differ with the soc boards. 

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