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Camera Capture fail de2_70 with TRDB-D5M

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i'm playing with DE2-70 with TRDB-D5M connected. I started from DE2_70_CAMERA project, which was included in bundle. After i get over to download .elf to board and other issue - it finally worked. My next step was to make a little change in project, so I opened project from bundle and i've recompiled it once again (Quartus II 64-bit 12.1. SP:1). Compilation was successfull. Same as before I sent both .sof and .elf files and started CAMERA_UTILITY.exe. It connects to board, but after i click "CAPTURE" i get "CAMERA CAPTURE FAIL". 


What am i doing wrong?
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Long time ago, when i started posting in this forum it was much easier to get answear. Now i'm wondering if everything is clear in my question. If no - i'll write more details.