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Can Boardtestsystem.exe be used on a User designed board?

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I'm bring up a new board that uses the Arria V with 4 x 16 bit DDR3 rams. I have an Arria V starter kit which has 2 of the same 16 bit DDR3 rams on it. The Altera boardtestsystem.exe contains a useful tool to measure the performance and reliability of the DDR3 rams on the starter kit. I would really like to use the same executable to test the RAM on my own board. I can configure the board to use the same design as in the starter board (bts_ddr3_soft), but mapped to my I/O, however my board does not have the MAX configuring device on it, and the boardtestsystem.exe won't recognize my board. Does anyone know how to change an ini file, or otherwise alter boardtestsystem.exe so that it can be used on a User board? If an Altera person is reading this, it would be great if boardtestsystem could work in a 'vanilla' fashion through the Jtag interface into a user board. That would make the transition from a kit to a newly designed board so much easier, because key functions on the users board could be easily tested. This surely must be what Altera wants?

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