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Can Cyclone III Starter Kit's PLL retain its output and shift again?

Honored Contributor II

Hi, there :) 

I'm using Cyclone III Starter Kit for my study. 


What I am trying to do is by using PLL,  

# 1. Shift 20ns from the input clk# 2. Then retain# 1's output for certain duration (for example, 100 ns)# 3. After retainging the output for certain times,  

then shift 20ns again from# 2's output.# 4. Retain# 3's output for 100ns# 5. Again, shift# 3's output by 20ns..  


I attach sample waveform's picture  


Is if possible for me to do that by Cyclone III Starter Kit? 

I'm not sure but it seems it can be done by dynamic reconfiguration. but Cyclone III doesn't seem to do that..... 



Thanks in advance :) 


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