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Can get USB Blaster II to work on Arria 10 GX dev kit

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Hello everyone 


I am trying to set up a new Arria10 GX Dev Kit board that we recently acquired in our research lab. First thing I tried to do after installing Quartus and the board package was using the Board Test System to test the different components. For some reason, even though I followed all the instructions in setting up the USB Blaster II drivers, the BTS is complaining that it doesn't detect my board. I am using CentOS 7 and Quartus 17.0. I also realized that when I go to the "Programmer" window in Quartus (under the Tools menu), I donot get the option to add a "USBBlaster" hardware type, it only gives me "EthernetBlaster" as an option for Hardware type in the "Add Hardware" window. I apologies if any of this seems trivial or straight forward, this is my first time setting up an Altera dev kit and I am not very experienced with Altera tools in general. I would appreciate any ideas. 


update: Alright, I think I am now able to detect the device using USB Blaster; it turned out that I hadn't run the jtagd service. Now, however, when I try to configure the FPGA using the Board Test System (i.e. factory restore, or one of the test configurations) I get the following warning message: "Failed to get this device. Please make sure system console is closed. Close this GUI and check the board connection.". Any ideas?
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The error message seems to imply again about JTAG issue as system console is using JTAG connection as well. Pls ensure you close all open system console window. The other thing to take note is Board Test System (BTS) is Quartus version dependent. Pls make sure you are using the recommended Quartus version where you download BTS from the dev kit web link to program device sof file and then only launch BTS. 






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