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Can we perform Page erase operation for MAX10 flash memory (on-chip flash) ?


Trying to perform page erase operation ( not sector erase). On-Chip Flash Intel FPGA IP Core Registers table . Bit 19-0 page erase address how we use it to erase page (example) ?

Write to control register data : 0xFF100000 . To erase page for 1st page address ( address 0 so corresponding page is 1st page ). But it erase whole sector ID 1 ? Can we actually do page erase ?

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Hi nwee0,


max 10 Page Erase.JPG

If you did 0xFF100000, it will erase the whole Sector ID 1, not 1st page. The sector erase get the priority if you set both sector erase & page erase at the same time.

  • Note: If you set both sector address and page address at the same time, the sector erase address gets the priority. The IP core accepts and executes the sector erase address and ignores the page erase address.


Thus, if you want to set the 1st page erase, you can set as FF700000. (set Disable write procetion sector ID 1.... & set the address of 1st page).


I hope this will help.







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