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Cannot get any data from WM8731 AUD_ADCDAT on Altera DE1

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I am trying to implement a simple digital audio pass-through using the Altera DE1 Development Board. The DE1 uses the Wolfson WM8731 audio codec, which I have built an i2c controller to program. Using the i2c controller I built I am able to enable/disable bypass, adjust the volume, put the chip into master mode, set the digital audio format and configure the analog and digital audio paths.  


Using an oscilloscope I can see that the LR clock and bit clock are functioning as expected, however the AUD_ADCDAT line is always low. I cannot find any reason for this behavior in either the WM8731 manual or the DE1 manual. 


Does anyone have experience using the audio codec on the DE1? If so, is there anything I could have forgotten or could my codec be faulty?
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Well I have tried everything I can think of so I just ordered a replacement codec. I have never soldered a QFN type component so I might end up with things even more broken. I'll let you guys know if I get it working.