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Cannot run de1-soc_vip_demo on DE1-SoC board

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I have try to run de1-soc_vip_demo using (http://www.terasic.com.tw/cgi-bin/page/archive.pl?language=english&categoryno=205&no=836&partno=5) quick run batch \de1-soc_vip_demo\quickfile\demo_batch\test.bat 

And get following errors: 


Info: ******************************************************************* Info: Running Quartus II 32-bit Programmer Info: Version 13.1.0 Build 162 10/23/2013 SJ Full Version Info: Copyright (C) 1991-2013 Altera Corporation. All rights reserved. Info: Your use of Altera Corporation's design tools, logic functions Info: and other software and tools, and its AMPP partner logic Info: functions, and any output files from any of the foregoing Info: (including device programming or simulation files), and any Info: associated documentation or information are expressly subject Info: to the terms and conditions of the Altera Program License Info: Subscription Agreement, Altera MegaCore Function License Info: Agreement, or other applicable license agreement, including, Info: without limitation, that your use is for the sole purpose of Info: programming logic devices manufactured by Altera and sold by Info: Altera or its authorized distributors. Please refer to the Info: applicable agreement for further details. Info: Processing started: Wed Jun 25 00:56:01 2014 Info: Command: quartus_pgm -m jtag -c 1 -o p;DE1_SOC_golden_top.sof@1 Info (213045): Using programming cable "DE-SoC " Info (213011): Using programming file DE1_SOC_golden_top.sof with checksum 0x024 F7934 for device 5CSEMA5F31@1 Info (209060): Started Programmer operation at Wed Jun 25 00:56:03 2014 Error (209015): Can't configure device. Expected JTAG ID code 0x02D120DD for dev ice 1, but found JTAG ID code 0x4BA00477. Error (209012): Operation failed Info (209061): Ended Programmer operation at Wed Jun 25 00:56:03 2014 Error: Quartus II 32-bit Programmer was unsuccessful. 2 errors, 0 warnings Error: Peak virtual memory: 205 megabytes Error: Processing ended: Wed Jun 25 00:56:03 2014 Error: Elapsed time: 00:00:02 Error: Total CPU time (on all processors): 00:00:02  


I use Quartus 13.1. The same quick run batch from DE1-SOC_V.3.0.0_SystemCD runs successfully, no problems with it. 


Grateful for any help, thanks! 


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