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Code In De2_tv For Kit De2

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Hi! I am beginer and i want to use demo DE2_TV in cd rom from Kit de2 of Terasic. 

Who can explain for me about codes in DE2_TV.v : 


assign m1VGA_Read = VGA_Y[0] ? 1'b0 : VGA_Read ; 

assign m2VGA_Read = VGA_Y[0] ? VGA_Read : 1'b0 ; 

assign mYCbCr_d = !VGA_Y[0] ? m1YCbCr : 

m2YCbCr ; 

assign mYCbCr = m5YCbCr; 


wire mDVAL; 


// Line buffer, delay one line 

Line_Buffer u10 ( .clken(VGA_Read), 





Line_Buffer u11 ( .clken(VGA_Read), 





wire [15:0] m4YCbCr; 

wire [15:0] m5YCbCr; 

wire [8:0] Tmp1,Tmp2; 

wire [7:0] Tmp3,Tmp4; 


assign Tmp1 = m4YCbCr[7:0]+mYCbCr_d[7:0];  

assign Tmp2 = m4YCbCr[15:8]+mYCbCr_d[15:8]; 

assign Tmp3 = Tmp1[8:2]+m3YCbCr[7:1]; 

assign Tmp4 = Tmp2[8:2]+m3YCbCr[15:9]; 

assign m5YCbCr = {Tmp4,Tmp3}; 


I don't understand function of 2 line buffer and why need use Temp1,2,3,4 with add ? The first i guess it use for deinterlace ,but then i think it is not correct ?  

Thank for your help !
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who can help me ?  

i need to understand code ! 

who can give me advice !