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Configuration- Status LED

Hi, fellows! 

I'm trying to program a Stratix II and I've been having some trouble with the development kit. 

In Quartus II, I assigned the pins according to the Nios Development Board Stratix II Edition Reference Manual , but after I program the device, the red led turns on and after a few seconds, the "demo" program starts running and the factory amber led is on. 

The FPGA on the board is EP2S60F672C3N but I assigned in the software, the device EP2S60F672C3 


Is there a problem? I don't think so because Quartus did not complain when I compiled and also when I downloaded the project into the FPGA, in fact, it even showed a message that the device was sucessfully programmed. 


The problem, as I mentioned before, is with the error led and pin assignments. 


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