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Configuration via JTAG Works but Not via AS

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I'm trying to get a DE2 board to load a very simple hardware only configuration from the EPCS flash and not having much success. 


If I configure the FPGA via the JTAG interface (Run/Prog switch in the Run position) my configuration works fine. 


However if I program the EPCS flash with a pof configuration (Run/Prog switch in the Prog position) my configuration doesn't load after switching the Run/Prog switch back to the Run position and power cycling the DE2 board. 


Any helpful suggestions? 


By-the-way does anyone else find it odd that the Documentation that comes with the DE2 board refers to an EPCS16 when the DE2 board actually has an EPCS64 on it?
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What Quartus Version are you using ? 


There is an issue regarding EPCS file generation with Quartus 9.1 (no SP) and Quartus 9.1 SP2 where the image runs fine when loaded via JTAG but the design does not start out of epcs devices.  

for both Quartus Versions is a patch available via MySupport. 

The Patch for 9.1SP2 is Patch 2.46 

Or you can use Quartus 9.1 SP1, you see the bug was fixed with SP1 and reintroduced with SP2
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I am using version 9.1 build 222 10/21/2009 SJ Web Edition 


I'll try apply SP1. 


Stay tuned and thanks for the tip.
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OK that was quick. 


Does that issue apply to the Web edition and the Subscription edition? 


I'm using the web edition so it looks like I've no choice but to upgrade to SP2.  


Would you please provide a pointer to Patch 2.46? (Searching Altera's web site only turns up our conversation and something on the wiki)  


Does the patch work for the web edition too?  


Thank you,