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Connect DE2-115 to MAX2769

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Hi all, 


I am planning to use DE2-115 to build a software defined GPS receiver, using max2769 or max2769B. The RF front end IC max2769 has an SPI interface (for configuring the chip) and 4 digital outputs (2 for I channel and 2 for Q channel). Can I connect the 4 digital outputs from ADC to HSMC? Or should I connect them to the 40-pin expansion?  


Thanks a lot in advance, 


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I'm a MS Student working on DE2-115 Board. I'm trying to build a custom web browser without dumping any OS on it. So can someone tell me how to connect internet to the DE2-115 Board?? I'm in total confusion like how to connect the 4 IP's and where to connect to.. Any kind of help regarding this is highly appreciated....