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Cyclone III Dev-Kit Chassis

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I apologize for the stupid question, but I've already spent quite some time Googling and didn't find anything. 


I've just received a Cyclone III development kit and I have no chassis for it. So there are screws and nuts in the package but there is no base. I'm afraid that if I just put the board on my desk, it may short-circuit in the mess. 


So my question is - where do I order a Cyclone III chassis? If I have to produce one myself what material do I use and how do I cut it (I have the assembly so I know all the sizes)?
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I don't think you can order anything like that. Usually, there isn't much in terms of protection. 


For example, DE2-70 just have spacers on the bottom side, serving as feet and a flat acrilic cover on the top side, installed also using spacers. 



Most kits are like this or even less protected. 


Depending on what you want, you can either just buy longer spacers or you can have some flat acrilic covers made and fit them using spacers. 


If that's not enough, you can buy a small box and fit the kit in the box using the spacers.
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Does anyone know what the small test points are for on the HSMC Mezzanine board? They are named TP1, TP2, .... 

There is no reference to them in the manuals.