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Cyclone III Dev Kit JTAG Chain Problem

Honored Contributor II

I have a Cyclone III Development Kit but I have not been able to program it. Nothing shows up in the JTAG chain. 


The LEDs are flashing back and forth. I've tried setting the switches per the documentation and trying out different combinations but still haven't been able to get any devices to show up in the JTAG chain. 


Can anyone confirm what switch settings they use when programming the board? 


I got the error: "Error: Can't access JTAG chain Error: Operation failed" in Quartus 9. Upgraded to 11 and still can't program. 


In Quartus II v 11 I'm getting the error: 

Error: Device chain in use 

Error: Operation failed
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Honored Contributor II

Hi ...... 


i have a cyclone 3 dev board working here......... 


the board had a SW1 ( 8 dip switchs) all dip switchs to down only 5 dip switch to up ( dip sw 5 to open) 


and sw3 fpga bypass to up (1) and others to down (0) 


you need to install the driver to usb blaster ......... it is on quartus directory /drivers/usb-blaster  



thats it 



Franz Wagner
Honored Contributor II

Finally got it to work by uninstalling and reinstalling my USB blaster driver to the version that came with version 11. 


Thanks for the response.
Honored Contributor II

sounds good lol