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Cyclone III FPGA Starter transer data

I wrote simple project (digital filter), I programmed Cyclone III FPGA Starter device and now I want to transfer some data to my filter via USB and receive them. How can I do that? I need to write a module in order to communicate with USB or what? I'm really beginner in using development kits. 


My filter has these I/O : 


LIBRARY IEEE; USE IEEE.std_logic_1164.all; USE IEEe.std_logic_arith.all; USE IEEE.std_logic_signed.all; ENTITY filtr_fir_latwy IS PORT( clk : IN std_logic; clk_enable : IN std_logic; reset : IN std_logic; filter_in : IN std_logic_vector(27 downto 0); filter_out : OUT std_logic_vector(43 downto 0); enable : OUT std_logic ); END filtr_fir_latwy;  


How can I send 28 bits data and receive 44 bits? How should I connect clock signal to clk port? I will be very appreciate for every answer.
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You should look at the Virtual JTAG Megafunction (sld_virtual_jtag). I was able to get data into and out of my starter kit using it.