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Cyclone III Starter Kit NIOS tutorial doesn't work

Honored Contributor II

Hello All 


I'm using the Cyclone III Starter kit and trying to get the NIOS working. I'm following the instructions in my_first_nios2_software_tutorial.pdf but the files aren't there. Table 1.1 indicates that the .sof file should be in <Nios II standard design>\cycloneIII_3c25_start_niosII_standard.sof. 


What is <Nios II standard design> ?? If I search the Kit installation directory then the sof file is in \cycloneIII_3c25_start\demos\sof, but that is the only file in there. I can program that onto the board no problem but then get stuck when trying to find the .ptf file when creating the Nios project. This file doesn't seem to exist. Do I need to do something to create it, and if so why isn't that in the tutorial??? 


Please bear in mind that I've got no NIOS experience - thats why I'm doing the tutorial. 



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