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Cyclone III starter board problem at power on

Honored Contributor II

I use a Cyclone III starter board, I uploaded on the flash a .pof file, everything was ok. 

Today something strange happens: the board stops to run. I turn it off then I turn it on: the FLASH_CEN led remains on and FPGA isn't able to load the configuration. If I upload the .pof file, with Quartus, again then I press the reconfigure button it works, but at the next power on the problem returns.  

Does anyone have any idea? 


Thank you.
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Honored Contributor II

If it's the DE0 board you're talking about, it loads it's configuration to the EEPROM, not the flash. I take it you actually mean the EEPROM?

Honored Contributor II

No, it isn't the DE0 board, it's the Cyclone III Starter Kit (http://www.altera.com/products/devkits/altera/kit-cyc3-starter.html). 


However, the problem is that everything worked, then, since yesterday, if I reboot the board it doesn't load any configuration. In your opinion the hardware is in some way damaged or there may be any other problems?