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Cyclone III starter kit with HSMC data conversion board(SLS): D/A-problem



I have bought a Cyclone III starter kit and became the HSMC data conversion board (it's from a Cyclone III DSP dev. kit). I tried to give out a value over the D/A-converter but nothing happens.  

Here is what i did: 


- with a PLL i send a signal to FPGA_CLK_B_P and FPGA_CLK_B_N (the same signal because of the inverter that is described in the documentation) 

(FPGA pins: U18 and V18 and HSMC pins:155 and 157) 


- i put one Jumper on pin 1 and 3 another an 4 and 6 (both J17)  


- i tried a few frequencies (e.g. 50MHz, 1 Mhz and 2 MHz) and also a Phase shift 


- with the same frequency i send my data to the DAx (and also to DBx) pins 


- i can detect the clock at the Input pins of the D/A chip (pins 17-20 when i use both converters) 


- the converter is in dual bus mode and also not set in sleep mode  


When i measure the outputs of the converter (j12 and j14) i just get nothing.  


Now my questions: 

Have i forgotten something? 

Are there any other bugs in the descriptions of the pins? (e.g. pin M5->T1) 

Is this data conversion board not campatible to the starter kit? 





Nico Zielke 




--------------problem solved---------------- 


the cut-off-frequency of the transformers were too high for my signals. after sending a frequency about 60 khz out of the converter i can measure something. my data i sent before was about 10 times lower (circa 5 khz) 

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Hello Im trying to implement a NCO woth this HSMC (SLS)card do you still have this example, can you shear your model please.thanks