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Cyclone IV GX Dev Kit - Board Design Fault of connection to LCD

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Hi All, 


Just to let you all know that there is a design fault on Cyclone IV GX Dev Kit (DK-DEV-4CGX150N) which can potentially stop the LCD display from working. 


The LCD is a 2.5V tolerant part but unfortunately, LCD_Data[4] is connected to a 1.8V pin. This means that on my board at least, the LCD doesn't reliably work. 


The schematic for the board is also incorrect. It show LCD_Data[4] being connected to pin C27 (correct) and that C27 is part of bank 6 (incorrect). C27 is in fact part of bank 7.  


(As bank 6 is 2.5V and bank 7 is 1.8V you see how the LCD_Data[4] fault occurred). 


Altera have acknowledged the schematic error and have sort of vaguely acknowledged the design fault. There is no sign of an errata on the dev kit page though. 




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