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Cyclone IV PCIe Kit Reference Designs with PCI exoress test example

Honored Contributor II

I have downloaded the PCIE reference design from the web: https://www.altera.com/support/software/download/refdesigns/ip/interface/dnl-pciexpress-hp.jsp 


I have met several problems, 

First, altpcie_demo.exe looks for wdapi1021.dll, rather than wdapi810.dll which in the zip folder. I found it from quartus installation folder and copied it to system32 folder. 


Second, software driver requires subsystem id to be E0011172. After changed the subsystem to what driver required: E0011172, I have installed the driver by giveing the driver path when the new hardware window popped. It seems ok. 


Now, when I double altpcie_demo.exe, it still complains "unable to detect a PCI Express board with the correct FPGA image version". The vender ID and device ID are all matching. I am using Quartus II 12.1. 


What is wrong? 





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