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Cyclone IV Transciever Starter Kit

I am yet to be successful to commit NIOS II software to Flash. 


I plan to use the "Update Portal" method since that works fine for the FPGA code . 


I have the following to generate my nios_flash_sw.flash file. 


elf2flash --base=0x01000000 --end=0x01ffffff --reset=0x01800000 --input=Cyclone_Led.elf --output=nios_flash_sw.flash --boot=./boot_loader_cfi.srec 


The onlly problem is I can't see how the boot_loader code would know there the SSRAM resides inorder to do the initial FLASG -> SSRAM copy.. 

I would guess it is in the elf, but that means the .elf is the one that was run out of SSRAM initially. Is that correct ? 

I set the NIOS II in QSYS to have a reset vector from the FLASH memory with an offset of 0x00800000 which is the offse tin FLASH where the User SW resides.and corresponds to the reset parameter for elf2flash cmd. 


Best Regards, Bob.
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