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Cyclone V DevKit with HPS disabled, GPIO does not work

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I am testing a custom cpu on SoC Devkit, since I don't need the presence of ARM HPS, I just 

program directly the .sof file into the FPGA, and running in with the sdcard removed (I have another 

project inside sdcard which is running GSRD on that sdcard).  


Currently, I am testing a custom uart module and trying to print some letters from cpu through uart.  

The tx pin is assigned to one of HSMC pinout (PIN G13), I use GPIO breakout board provided in the box, 

In my other project, the gpio can output signal without problem, however, although I can see the signal 

is outputting from tx on SignalTap, I can't observe any change on GPIO pin on my oscilloscope.. 


Is there any special configuration needed to run the Cyclone V FPGA without the HPS?? 


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