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Cyclone V Development kit with MATLAB HDL Coder

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I have been trying to program my Cyclone V board for a basic LED blinking example using a MATLAB example as explained in this link (http://de.mathworks.com/help/hdlcoder/examples/getting-started-with-hardware-software-codesign-workf...).  


- My MATLAB version is R2015a with valid toolboxes. 

- My Quartus version is 15.0 (Both runon 64 bit windows7) 

- I have also installed USB Blaster and UART drivers. I have also connected the board with ethernet cable using serial port communication.  


One important thing is, all of these run on a virtual machine (both host and guest are windows 7 64 bit). 


Now I have two questions. 


First, I cannot successfully complete the example. According to the link, when I go thru step 4.1 (i.e. to create a project on Quartus), I get this error message. I don't understand the reason behind this.  


Second question is that, the USB connection of the board on the virtual machine keeps connecting and disconnecting. It is not at all stable. I have filtered these connections when i configured my virtual machine and I also made sure, the board is disconnected from the host OS.  


Any help would be appreciated. 



I solved the unstable USB connection. I had Quartus and its drivers installed on the host OS and this seems to have been the conflict. Then I uninstalled everything related to Quartus from the host and now the the board is connected to the guest OS without any issues.
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