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Cyclone V GT Dev Kit - External xcvr refclk for HSMC

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I’m using the Cyclone V GT development board. I would like to provide each transceiver bank with other clock sources; one HSMC transceiver externally through the HSMC and the other two from the onboard oscillators. Looking at the reference manual and the Cyclone V device handbook on transceivers, only the PCIe and HSMC port B transceivers can be driven by an external clock through a SMA pair. Otherwise they all work off of the onboard clock oscillators. Is there any way to connect to the HSMC transceiver clocks from an external source or external–to–FPGA source? ie. REFCLK_QL2_P/N to HSMA_CLK_IN_P/N.
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I think that if the external clocks comes from one of the pins in the HSMC itself, it would be possible to perform a loopback in the FPGA (at the cost of additional jitter) to the HSMC clock in. Not sure about the supported banks though. My idea is something like this: