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Cyclone V GX 5CGXFC5C6F27C7N is not recognized in ubuntu 14.04

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Hello all, 


I have a Cyclone V GX starter kit (5CGXFC5C6F27C7N) board, and I am trying to program it using Ubuntu 14.04. I already compiled the code and it does not have any error. However, when I open the "programmer" application (tools->programmer), my device is not recognized.  

I clicked the "hardware setup" button and the only option I can choose is USB-Blaster variant 2-1.  


When I plug it using windows 7, it does not have any problem. So, I wonder if ubuntu 14.04 is not ready for this board :cry: 


Do you know what can I do to get my board recognized so I can program it?:confused: 


https://www.alteraforum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=9294 https://www.alteraforum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=9295  


I would appreciate your help, and if you need further details, please let me know. 


Thanks in advance for the help on this.
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Did you setup the USB-Blaster device nodes correctly? 




These are the RedHat/Centos instructions. Ubuntu is a little different, search the group and you'll find setup instructions. If you can't find them, I can look in my Ubuntu setup notes tomorrow. 


Basically you need to set the permissions on the USB-Blaster so that "regular" users can access the device. You can test whether or not this is the issue by plugging in the USB-Blaster and then as root manually change the device node permissions (via chmod 666).