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Cyclone V GX Development kit...can NOT find device in Quartus II device list

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Hi all, 


I am trying to get the new Cyclone V GX Devlopment kit to work. I followed all the steps and installed the Kit relative to the Quartus II 12.0 Sp2 Web Edition software, as specified. 


However, I can not find the Cyclone V Device 5CGXFC7D6F31C7NES in the Quartus II device list. There is only one very similar, but it ends with ES instead of NES and after assigning the pins I realized that it can't be this one either. When I use the Programmer and try AutoDetect it won't help either, because it then gives me a short selection of possible devices...and of course non of them fit either. 


I also already installed the newest version of Quartus II, being 12.1 Sp1...but it's the same. 


I would be happy for your support. 


Thank you 

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The "N" after the speed grade number stands for lead-free package and will be found with all purchased Altera devices since long. It's meaningless for Quartus.