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Cyclone V GX Starter Kit + GPIO-HSTC Card

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Hello everbody, 


I am interested in the Cyclone V GX Starter Kit because the resources/price ratio of the FPGA fits best for my project. However, the problem is that i need more than the 36 GPIOs. I found the HSMC to GPIO converter card from terasic but the website says nothing about the suitability for the C5GX Starter Kit [1]. There should be no problem to connect the card with the board, or I am wrong?  

If this is possible one further problem I figured out is (regarding to the C5GX user manual [2]) the I/O standard for the HSMC I/Os are 1.5V and 2.5V. But isn't it possible to easily set up the I/O standard to 3.3V in the Quartus II Assignment Editor/Pin Planner? At least for those pins where I am able to choose the usage between LVDS TX bit or CMOS I/O? What let me hesitate is that at the DE2-115 board you are able to define the I/O standard over jumpers. 


Does anyone used maybe the HSMC connector with the GPIO converter and a 3.3V voltage level? 


Thanks for your help and regards 



[1] : http://www.terasic.com.tw/cgi-bin/page/archive.pl?language=english&categoryno=67&no=322&partno=2 

[2] : www.terasic.com.tw/cgi-bin/page/archive_download.pl?language=english&no=830&fid=17219f04ba333c8a2ee2066deab991e5
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