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Cyclone V SoC Dev Kit, CAN connector pin assignment

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i just recently started to develop a CAN application for the Cyclone V SoC, and now tried to connect to my PC using a CAN adapter. Unfortunately the pin assignment isn't part of the hardware reference manual yet.  

Does anybody know the assignment or know an easy way to figure out. I'm not quite sure if my application even communicates to the connector. 






I figured it out myself, literally the moment i clicked send on the reply.  

The reference manual states the there is a PHY (U50) between the processor and the CAN connector, where on pin 6 is CANLow and on pin 7 is CANHigh. 


So i just measured the resistance between the CAN connector pins and the phy => 


Can Connector J35: 

Pin7 => Can low 

Pin2 => Can High 




There might be an error in the reference manual. As i measured at connector J35, Pin7 has to be High and 2 has to be Low. I do see the telegrams coming through to my PC as well. So the assignment is 

Can Connector J35: 

Pin2 => Can low 

Pin7 => Can High 


I attached the hardware reference manual.
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